I don’t make a habit of asking for help But will give it when it’s truly warranted I know the difference between the truth and a lie and definitely know how to live it   I know that all that ever transpires will be up to debate or discussion But I tune out all the […]

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Strands of Light

  We are all like strands of heaven Dangling from its floor Meant to weave a tapestry That unites us at the core.   But some forget their origin Start to struggle as they dangle Forget the beauty we came from And that is why they tangle   Some will roll up in a ball […]

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The Flip Side

If people are lazy….. They are resting If people can’t seem to care for themselves…. They are healing from a traumatic past. If people lie…. They are afraid of being called out. If people steal….. They are feeling depleted inside and think it is their only recourse. When people are very accomplished…… Many times they […]

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