Why the Law of Attraction May Not Be Working for You

The Law of Attraction is popular now.  Many people recognize it and work with it effectively. The Law attraction states that you attract everything to your Universe by your thoughts. The book, The Secret was a very effective instruction in how to work with the Law of Attraction.  But those who try it and don’t have results believe it is because of a flaw in the Law itself.

There are many Spiritual Laws that are exacting as gravity.  If one is not working when you apply it, it’s because you are inadvertently applying another Law as well. Saying the Law of attraction doesn’t work for you is like believing that gravity only works sometimes.  The Laws that run the Universe are Exacting.

If the Law of Attraction isn’t working for you, maybe it is because you are trying to use it in a vacuum. For example, if you are trying to attract more Love in your life but have negative feelings in some areas, maybe you are inadvertently applying the Law of Vibrations.

The Law of Vibrations says that everything resonates.  What you think say or do and how you live determines the rate of vibration.  Negative thoughts are more dense that optimistic thoughts.  It matters little if the thoughts are about yourself or others.

Imagine people as tennis balls dropped onto the table.  Tennis balls that are lighter will be able to bounce higher and will bounce in rhythm with other light balls. From eye level, the light balls see other light balls and not the more dense ones.  Using this analogy, realize that people who apply positive energy to all aspects of their life, are at eye level with other people that approach life similarly. This is the way we apply labels.  In high school we become the geek, nerds, jocks etc.  In life we divide ourselves socially, economically and politically.

There is another Spiritual Law that comes into play that is relevant to the Law of Attraction.  It is called the Law of Reversed Efforts.  It simply means that the more attention focused on a situation, the more it will elude the object of its attention.  This is why two positive sides of a magnet repulse each other.  The Law of Reversed efforts is also what most daters have experienced when they have someone really interested in them BUT when they show interest in return, the attraction fizzles.

The one Spiritual Law that is highly overlooked is the Law of Opposites.  It just states that for every thought or action, there is an equal and opposing thought or reaction. This is why there is so much turmoil in the world.  The belief that is prevalent now is that we need to take a stand or we are part of the problem.  I believe that by creating a force in any one area, as noble as it is, creates an opposing force.

As with the other laws, it cannot be applied in a vacuum or else it becomes a weakness.  But if one were to apply all of the Laws in conjunction, it will uplift them and Humanity in unforeseen ways. It only takes one side to defuse an argument.  And there is a huge difference between walking away from a fight and getting beat up. One is passive and the other is an empowering choice.

When applying the Law of Attraction, or even promoting your favorite cause, be certain to take into consideration, the Law of Reversed Effort and the Law of Opposites.  It’s a way to lift yourself out of the emotional stranglehold you may be feeling and give you a vantage point where you can be much more effective.  And when you are in a higher vantage point, you will be working with the Law of Detachment and also working with the most important Spiritual Law there is, the Law of Love