Why I Don’t Bother

There is a very special group of special people who come together five times a week as much as their schedules will allow because they want to release all the illusion of this world, they want to gain comfort in their own skin and lives, they want to live their spiritual purpose and they want to be empowered as spiritual beings. That is what the group sessions that I facilitate do.

We have been gathering for the last few months and have experienced such a shift in our personal worlds and the world at large. The growth, empowerment, and love is incredible. But there is no way to convey this to those who are not ready to accept their own empowerment or see what we are doing here as more than being part of a warm and fuzzy group.

I get weary of even inviting others to the group because they can’t fathom the work we do here and the love that we awaken to. Many times, I don’t bother to try. Yet here we go again.

We are on the precipice of completing another cycle of group sessions. If anyone feels a calling to join us, they are welcome to attend. There may be resistance or there may be a calling to be a part of a movement that is a vortex for incredible love in this world. The whole month of sessions five times a week for as many sessions a month as you can attend, is only a few dollars more than one private session.

If you get the nudge to join us and are ready to overcome your own resistance, just sign up here and you will be included on the group phone calls.

The sessions are not like conference calls in that we don’t spend time listening to people’s issues and there is no being railroaded by dominant personalities on the call. The whole hour is pure energy work of healing and releasing personal and global issues. If you have any questions or concerns, please message me.

The calls are Tuesday-Friday night at 8 pm eastern and Saturday mornings at 10 am eastern. I hope you decide to join us.

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