Which List Are You Contributing To?

How to Enslave a Soul:

Tell it that it can’t, or shouldn’t
Judge it
Separate it from others
Elevate its importance
Stroke it shamelessly
Give it special treatment
Exploit its goodness
Make it dependent on an outside source that it can never measure up to
Supply everything it needs until it forgets how to do for itself
Then induce fear in it
Threaten that an outside source is going to take everything away from it
Make it dependent on you for its salvation
Tell it that it’s bad.
Make it believe it
Take away what it needs to thrive
Take away its free will
Take away its sense of reason
Make it fearful of other souls
Induce hate in it
Have it turn on other souls
Pit it against them
Convince it that the enemy is everywhere
Arm it to destroy others
Induce self-loathing for its crimes against its true nature
Exploit its shame
Admonish it
Make it fearful of sharing its truth
Condition it to admonish itself
Make it feel alone
Withdraw all you have given to it
Watch it suffer
Condition it to believe that suffering is the norm
Exploit its pain to enslave others
Listen to its “problems”
Give it sympathy

We have witnessed all these in the history of the world thus far.

How to Free a Soul:

Pour love into its essence
Give it purpose
Accept it unconditionally
See its beauty
See its worth
Embrace is as a brethren
Show it its own empowerment
Convince it how it’s been fooled
Disarm it of its false pride
Show it how hate is a front for fear
Alleviate fear by revealing the lies
Show it how everything is a lesson so it can release the guilt
Give it strength so it can find its own
Show it the beauty in all others
Strip the illusion off its captor
Help it acknowledge its own worth
Show it how special it is
Convince it of its importance
Remind it how to manifest
Elevate it in its stature
Show it how all others are special too
Teach it how to heal
Remind it how to care
Encourage it to help
Introduce it to its true self
Strip off all illusion of pain, fear, lack, and separateness
Show it how it’s connected with all others
Give it purpose
Rip off the false self of ego and pride
Show it compassion
Pour more love into it
Show it that it’s a reflection of you
Encourage it to share its truth
Empower it to heal others by sharing its purpose
Encourage it for perpetuating the love

With everything you think, say, or do, you are aiding one of these outcomes. Everything I share here on my page or do in my life now is to free souls. Which list are you contributing to in assisting soul’s birthright?

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