Where Kindness Prevails

Most people have been so abandoned, abused, used, enslaved, lied to, or broken beyond repair that they have their shutters closed tightly.

It takes an incredibly pure intention and act of selfless kindness to help them understand that is all an illusion.
They have been acting in a wonderful performance of life. They have been playing a part.
They are NOT abandoned. They are in the midst of the deepest and most satisfying love at all times.
They are not abused. They were doing field study in how to have compassion for all other aspects of life.
They weren’t used. They agreed to a dynamic to learn about the devastating abuse of power, by being engaged with it.
They were never enslaved. Their soul light was always watching from a distance marveling at the depths of despair that illusion can bring.
They were never really lied to because the perpetrators had no understanding of their own truth.
They have never been broken. Fragmentation of light just makes a beautiful prism. And although music can echo through a canyon, it still originates in whole and fabulous streams of notes.
Yes it takes a pure and loving act of extreme kindness and patience to open these discouraged souls back up to their own empowerment.
That is where you come in!
You are the sweet and trusting intention that shows them how to crack the windows and allow the healing winds of divine love to sweep through their home once again.
It isn’t done by joining a group, getting on a bandwagon or even believing in anything.
It is about nurturing that small connection to a divinity within and strengthening it with small acts of kindness
It is about nurturing a place within that is not even talked about in mixed company any more.
A place that people refuse to share from fear of being ridiculed or thought of differently.
It is simply the place within where kindness prevails.

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