When Someone takes Their Own Life

When someone takes their own life, there is a shroud of depression that blankets the ones that are left behind.  It is more than a disappointment about letting their loved one down.  Their guilt and emotional pain is keeping them open to one who has killed themselves.

On the other side, the one who took their life immediately regrets their actions. They are begrudgingly held accountable. This learning period is more intense than whatever they were experiencing on earth. This is where they must face themselves and their actions.

I have had many sessions with people who were depressed after their relative killed themselves.  They felt that they were the only one who understood the person and that they had let them down.  They fall into a depression that is similar to what the deceased was experiencing. Through sympathy, the deceased may actually be trying to pull a loved one to the other side for comfort.  That is why relatives sometimes feel like dying after someone they love is gone.

Relatives will pick up bad habits that the deceased had.  They will smoke, or crave certain foods. The deceased is using the sympathy of the relative to feed their own drug/alcohol/ eating/smoking habit through the body of the relative. When this happens, tough love is necessary. All empathy, guilt and sympathy for the one who ended their life must dry up for balance to return.

The living will have to stop thinking and feeling bad about the deceased.  It would be best to put them in the hands of the spirit guide that you are most comfortable with, bless them, and then think of them no more until emotional balance returns and bad habits dry up. It is best for all concerned.

Crossing over does NOT automatically assign angelic traits to someone who was struggling here. The harsh truth of the matter is; earth is where we learn our lessons. To have a great afterlife, do everything to learn the lessons here.  If there are issues that are being skirted, you will have to one day deal with them.  The more work that’s done here, the better travels are on the other side.

I have seen happiness return immediately to individuals once they have used tough love regarding the deceased. I have even helped depressed people let go of their deceased relative. As painful as it is, light and relief flood instantaneously into the energy field when this happens. And if you are suicidal or know someone who is; please know that whatever your troubles are, they do not compare to the stark reality of what happens, once you pull the trigger.

On a more uplifting note: This life is a pure gift! Even the most horrendous experiences are a means to appreciate greater joy.  If you are being influenced by suicidal thoughts, change your vantage point. Get outside of your head and beef up nutrition. Kick a habit, take a walk outside, do something nice for someone else.  The strength you gain by pulling yourself out of a fog will be an accomplishment that none can touch.  You will have owned it.