Weekly Remote Group Sessions

The Weekly Remote Group Sessions on Female Empowerment hosted by Jen Ward are amazing!! I feel & love the expansion, truth, shifts, all the visuals, awareness, & more that happens as Jen Ward imparts truth, clears stagnant energy with her unique sounds, leads us through taps, & more. I can feel the blending of all our energy & it growing in strength to reach more & farther. And to FEEL the taps as we do them then seeing the effects of them manifesting in the world is a feeling that’s hard to put into words……PRICELESS!!! These sessions are POWERFUL, ENLIGHTENING, and EMPOWERING!! Jen Ward gives everything she has IN ALL MOMENTS to uplift ALL OF HUMANITY!! I have been honored to participate in these sessions and help humanity. And to grow with Jen Wards guidance…….LOVE IT!!! Thank you Jen Ward

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