Ways to Heal Your Pet’s Stress

Animals are so devoted to us that they absorb a lot of our stress. They try so hard to help us feel better. Sometimes they try so hard that they develop behavioral problems. They may become needy, want to go out all the time, or overeat. Many times they’re trying to distract their owner out of their own stress.

Emotional stress is held in the body of pets just as it is in their human counterparts. The diaphragm of the body is a holding tank for stress until it can be alleviated. If it isn’t addressed, it floods the body’s systems and joints. Eventually it manifests as dis-ease.

When assisting a pet with physical pain or behavioral issues, it’s ideal for me to do a diaphragm release on both the pet and its owner. Releasing a pet’s emotional stress and that of its owner seems to bring immediate relief to the pet. When the emotional stress has been removed the pet may suddenly become visibly euphoric. I get many doggy kisses during and after a session.

A lot of times the pet has misunderstandings of what is expected of them. For example: a little dog that is in the care of an owner who wants a dog that protects the house may unconsciously have a huge burden put upon them. So be clear of your intent for your pet. They know everything you’re thinking. During a session when I tell the owner of a misunderstanding they’ve had, the pet will usually give them a fixed glare as if to say, “Do you understand now?”

Animals come through many traumas to be with us. The amount of abuse and neglect that they have shouldered in their lives can be emotionally overwhelming. Yet they continue to serve with such dignity and unconditional love. Knowing they are an important part of a loving home is very healing for an animal.

I have dealt with many rescue dogs that have communicated the same question to me, “How long will I get to stay this time? You can alleviate many of your pet’s dis-ease by reassuring them that they will always have a loving home. It seems to be an ultimate concern with many of them.

Please show gratitude to your pets. Remember how special a compliment feels to you. Magnify that feeling a thousand percent to realize how important your words are to your pet. I have been sensitive to people who say that their dear pet of many years is just a temporary situation. They say things like they are just keeping the dog for a friend or that having the pet is just temporary. How sad it seems to me for these sweet souls to spend their whole life without the comfort of knowing that they have the security of a permanent home.

Please thank your pets for their service to you. Please tell them how happy they make you. Sing them songs and put their names in the lyrics. Be as excited to see them as they are to see you. Say and think only positive things about them. They know everything you think. Stop telling their sad story over and over. Animals live in the moment, so allow that moment to be one of Love and Joy! All of these things are things you can do to heal your pet. And if you do them, you may just be healing yourself as well.