War Pain

I just did a session on a woman who had debilitating pain restriction which she credited to arthritis. It was consuming her life. Nothing could be as bad and devastating to her as being stricken with this issue. I dismissed it. Not out of lack of compassion but out of an understanding of the correlation between past trauma and physical pain.

When I first tuned into her, she was energetically curled up in a ball. It was difficult to get a read on anything because she was so closed that she had no energetic fluidity. The image came to mind of one of those bugs that curl up into a ball when danger is near. How can anyone function in that state?

In the first session, she felt remarkably lighter as I experienced the ball uncurl and seem elongated like how I imagine a healthy energy system to be. But there was no fluidity yet. Odysseus comforts PenelopeThe things we released for her were very important and relative to her health but were inconsequential to what we would release the next session.

Because she felt better from the first session (energetically) she started to reveal things to me, that assisted me in knowing what she needed to release.  I saw her in one past life issue where she was running for her life with all the adrenaline flowing through her body and then she got killed. So the correlation that was made in this lifetime was that an adrenaline rush let to death. On a primal level, to prevent her body from reaching a plateau where she believed death was imminent, she would shut off the natural flow of her own endocrine system. This is partly what caused her health issues in this life.

I led her through a series of EFT taps that worked to release this correlation.

I release the correlation of an adrenaline rush with death in all lifetimes.

How this played out in the present life is that she would shut down before anything got too exciting. She would also try to plan and script every scenario of her life so as to avoid the uncertainty of anything traumatic happening.  We did another release to help the situation.

I release micromanaging the Universe.

People who are trying to take care of everything and everyone are trying to prevent bad things from happening. It is a huge strain on them to think that they can fix everything and there is an underlying guilt that they have had a hand in the demise of others.

People who are sympathetic and empathetic during stressful eras in history are going to have stored all of the trauma not only THEY had but also all the trauma those around them had and also the collective consciousness of a group.

This woman was from Germany and she was holding the guilt and trauma of things that happened in World War Two. She had witnessed genocide and atrocities to a huge amount of people and a huge part of the world. Empaths take a lot of this stuff in as their own. When I tuned into the devastating amount of trauma and negativity she was holding in her energy field, I understood why she was initially curled up in a ball. It was all she could do to exist. Not only did she feel responsible and hold that in her genetic makeup, she took a lot of the pain and devastation into her energy field, trying on some level to help everyone by taking it into herself.

Once I explained the magnitude of what she was holding, she agreed that her current diagnosis was nothing compared to the trauma that her physical, emotional and mental components were carrying. It suddenly made sense why she was in excruciating pain in her physical body now.

For anyone who is having phantom pain or issues like fibromyalgia, I would suggest they do the following EFT taps.

I release carrying the guilt and trauma of war in all lifetimes.

I release carrying the burden of atrocities in my energy field in all lifetimes.

I release the belief that I need to suffer in all lifetimes.

I take back all the Joy, Love, Abundance and Freedom that war has robbed from me in all lifetimes.