Walking into Energy

Have you ever been in a store or out in public and your mood changes drastically?  Sometimes you may be walking into a pool of someone else’s energy. If you can catch when you are doing it, it can save you a lot of wear and tear on your emotions.

Here is what may happen:  You are in a good mood and all of the sudden you get grumpy.  Someone else that was grumpy just left the place you are walking through and they left a cloud of their emotion behind.  When you walk through, you feel the grumpiness as your own.

Having an understanding of this process, as far fetched as it may seem may have you a lot of grief. What we automatically do when we feel a mood change is try to figure it out.  We try to label it.  Then we react to whatever we assigned as the cause.  If we are with our mate, we start to see them as the reason for the mood change and may start problems with them.

The best way to handle mood changes; as difficult as it is for some people; is to not react.  If we walk through a grumpy energy cloud and realize that it isn’t ours, then we can just walk right through it without taking it home with us.  It’s a very subtle thing to detect but by trying it can make life much easier.

With love and respect,


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