Utilizing the Dream State for Self-Growth

Many people think that dreams are random. This is not my truth. Dreams are our higher wisdom’s attempts to awaken us. There is a curtain between this life and our wholeness to prevent us from being overwhelmed by the vastness of our experiences. The curtain that divides the states of awakening and our physical existence are as dividing as they need to be. The more we are committed to delving into ourselves, the more we will be shown. For some it is a thin veil that divides the two states.

I never share my dreams. But I was guided to do that with my dream that I woke up from. So, to show you how to carry the information of the dreams into your contemplative state to empower yourself, I share it now.

In my dream, the town was in a frenzy. It was terrified about running out of food. As I was walking over the bridge into town, I noticed there was feces next to the river. The porta-potties were filled so people were defecating next to them. The river was contaminated as well.

In town, the supermarket was a frenzy.. The shelves were being emptied and everyone was in chaos. I walked around calm. The deli clerk offered me some item and I politely refused. I was calm and non-reactive.

When I awoke, I immediately knew what this dream was about for me. It was a message for me. Not some generic person but for me. It was utilizing all my experiences to show me an aspect of me a little better.

Here is what my dream means to me: Since I was starved nearly to death five years ago, it has been difficult for me to suppress the urge to eat. If I have gotten hungry, it creates a panic attack in me. The same has been true with exercise. Doing either creates the trauma in me that I existed in during that year of captivity. The frenzied people in the dream are my cells. They are panicking because I have been successfully dieting for the last five months. They are terrified of being starved to death. Also, the feces means all the toxins that my body is dumping more quickly than the river can carry them away. But my higher awareness, walked around the store knowing that everything will be fine. It was calm and nonreactive.

Using this information, I can improve my state of affairs in contemplation. In a quiet time, I merely go to the town and reassure all the town’s people (which are the cells of my body) that they will not go hungry. I replace all the bakery items on the shelf with vitamins and water that is very filling and plentiful. I visualize everyone calming down and being happy with the lighter improvements to the local diet. I see everyone working and productive and happy. I see the feces (which represents byproducts and toxins of losing weight) being cleaned up and the river washing away and clear. I visualize the sun shining, everyone happy and productive, maybe children playing and laughing and everyone satisfied.

Dreams give us the ability to recreate ourselves in our desired state. This is not random. It is a tool for all to use. Some will say that they don’t remember their dreams but it is because the indifference made them stop looking at them. Tell yourself before you go to sleep at night to remember your dreams. And when you wake up, figure out how to use the information that you have been given to improve your quality of life.

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