Utilizing Self-Energy

Sexual self-abuse is an issue for many. It is considered very shameful for some and is an energetic drain as well. When one partakes of pornography, it is like jumping into a powerful jet stream that is difficult to pull out of. The act of self-abuse can become a compulsion that is neither satisfying or uplifting. It is a way to deplete the energies of an otherwise efficient person. It can feel debilitating.

Here is a technique to assist in overcoming this compulsion:

There is a great amount of energy that is released during completion. Instead of spilling that away, harvest it to refill the aspect of you that is in need. At the time of completion, pour all the energy that is outpouring back into you. Think of yourself as a child, or when you were most hurting or vulnerable and send yourself incredible love at that moment. The energies that are dissipated will be actually going towards patching yourself up.

This technique may give some the personal strength they need to get themselves out of that jet stream of pornography that they were stuck in. It can also help balance them out so that the behavior or the unnecessary shame dries up. This technique is also great for anyone who wants to uplift themselves or their partner with incredible intention.

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