Unconscious Patterns

I recently facilitated a session where the client was in the midst of change sweeping through her life. Every aspect of it was affected. From her vantage point, Life was messing with her. This pattern seemed to happen every few years and even though it was exhilarating in some ways, she had grown weary of it.

In her session I saw a Phoenix rising out of that ashes. It was as if this was a symbol that she identified with. She seemed to draw inspiration from the symbol.

In her past lives I saw her surviving great catastrophe. It wasn’t the devastation that came through as significant but what happened afterwards. Some of her best life times were in the aftermath of great turmoil. This is when the human spirit showed its resiliency to thrive. This is what imprinted upon her and this is what she was recreating in her present life over and over. It was in rebuilding a new life where she felt the most joy and plugged into a purpose.

We released a lot of the unconscious behavior around this pattern to free her from creating such turmoil in her life. She left much lighter and exhilarated after her session.

Here is an EFT tap to assist in interrupting the patterns that we have set up in our life.
(say this statement 3 times while tapping on your head and say it a fourth time while tapping on your chest)

I release creating drama; in all lifetimes.

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