Miracles happen all the time to everybody in every way. Miracles are the serendipitous happenings of life that may seem unexplained and fortuitous. For those who have learned how to shift their realization of what miracles are; they are an everyday occurrence.

Einstein once wrote: “You have to look at life as if everything is a miracle or that nothing is”.

The creation of the Universe and each Human Being is a Miracle. The amazing way we forge through our lives finding direction, Love, and meaning is a miracle. The problem of miracles is the human psyche focusing its attention on one set of circumstances as proof and forgoing the whole panoramic view of Life.

Not seeing miracles in life is like not acknowledging a piece of artwork as a masterpiece unless it has particular brush strokes as it’s mainstay. The true beauty of any masterpiece, including life is its unpredictability and it’s larger-than-life status.

The conditions for a miracle seem to be as follows:

  • there has to be a desire
  • there has to be a request
  • then usually because of heightened awareness because of the “need” for a miracle, there has to be the witness of it.

This is very compartmentalized and robs the individual of such a fantastic spectrum of experiences.

If you want to experience Miracles:

  • Expect to see them. Look for the out of the ordinary occurrences that lead to greater wonderment.
  • Keep a journal of your blessings. If you recognize and appreciate them, it allows you to see more of the same.
  • Don’t negate life or others. Throw out the shoulds, can’ts, won’ts and judgment and all negatives at all times. Negatives shut down the miracles.

In my private sessions, when I am about to help someone release a huge limitation that they have been grappling with, some will start to argue with me. They will say that is not possible to be free of this. This defines me. And at that instance the potential for assisting them is lost and then they are right. Their problem does define them because they refuse to see it as otherwise. So I would suggest to people that they be open to change. Welcome it and embrace it.

Allow your thoughts to be big. Dream big without allowing your mind to edit your dreams.

Treat yourself as you would a child in the way that you would nurture them to be anything they want. At least do the same for yourself.

Look at your life with a heightened sense of awareness where you are willing to accept the unknown. Why not challenge life to show you the extraordinary daily? This may be perceived as egotistical or it may be a matter of seeing life as so sacred, that you look at it with new eyes. You may ask why you are so special that you can see life this way. I would ask. “Why are you so special that all the mechanisms of the Universe do NOT work for you?” In effect, thinking that you are not capable of miracles is having a high opinion of yourself in the Opposite way.

We do not have to be so passive in life and just wait for the Grace of God to anoint us. We have taken humility to the heights of degrading the whole experience of living. It is only egotistical to think you are a dynamic, important, powerful expression of Universe Love only If you think that you alone are that. If you realize that is what we all are, than it is not egotistical and you have just raised the bar on all humanity.

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