Love to you, whole family!

Please Embrace Christmas for its Highest Purpose:

To give beyond the confines of the self,
To spread goodwill beyond borders,
Seep compassion through the most impenetrable walls,
To love beyond race, denomination and even species.

This is the time to blur all lines
Between them and us,
Yours and mine,
Loved ones and acquaintances.
Tap into Love’s incredible stillness within yourself.

The one that is accessed under the trap door of a sincerity
Which words can not broach
Discovered within your deepest essence
Past the muddled waters of the most excruciating pain
Where cruelty had hardened the heart
Yet loneliness and isolation was cracked through with the acute accuracy
Of a sincere kindness.

Somewhere within, a spring of divinity is always tapped
That results in a clarity of mind
Clears a space of awakening,
Etches a meandering trail through to the heart
and gurgles to the surface as realization and constant reminder of the potency of kindness
And so prompts a perpetual access to gratitude and generosity.

Christmas is the time to dip into that well
Of Joy, Love, Abundance and Goodwill.
Pluck out a handful of your most exquisite self
And fling it out into the wind for all to partake
Aim it at your children, pass it to your loved ones
Yet intend all to revel in.

For as we all love
and we are in this world together
We are all in love together
God Bless us all.
Merry Christmas to all.
Every being, every expression of truth and every speck of life.

Jen Ward 12/24/14

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