When figuring out what people are allergic to, doctors remove all potential causes from their diet and add items back to their diet one by one to see what the reaction is. This is a great technique to use in keeping your life balanced as well.

When starting this endeavor, it will be difficult to catch all of the contaminates for yourself. The key is getting to a point of emotional and mental balance so that one can take note of every thing happening in your environment that brings dis-ease. A good way to start is the first thing in the morning.

When you wake up, pay attention to your mood. If it is a good one, it is a good time to start removing the triggers as they come. If it isn’t a good one, you may want to look at the triggers from the night before. Sometimes foods and interactions the night before can cause a reaction so there are things you can start dealing with from that awareness.

For example, if you have eaten a certain food the night before or watched a scary movie, and had a nightmare, they may know enough to avoid those so as not to have the same effect. Use this technique to comb through everything that is causing the slightest discomfort. It will get to the point where you can control every situation and environmental cause that seemed impossible a short time before. At least you may know what is pulling you out of balance.

When you wake up in a peaceful state, it is easy to stay mindful of NOT feeling peaceful. The first sign that your mood is changing, make a note of what is transpiring. That is a means of figuring out the once unconscious triggers. And some of them are subtle. It can be something as innocuous as wearing polyester (believe it or not, this is a BIG one). Or an outfit that you wore when you were in a bad mood and didn’t wash yet. That is how subtle some triggers can be.

Other triggers are; certain people, music, watching television or certain shows, certain scents, activities that trigger unpleasant events, problems not dealt with, etc. Triggers are basically any thing you think, feel, say, do, anyone you interact with or don’t interact with, any thing that engages any of the five senses or even the lack of stimulant. The more one is mindful of and able to eliminate the unconscious triggers, the more conscious they can live. It will also help them get a better handle on the triggers that they thought they could NOT control; like other people, their circumstances and even dis-ease.

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