To Those Who Feel Powerless

You have manifested everything in your surroundings down to the shoes you are wearing. You are so powerful in manifesting that you have kept at bay everything that you feel you don’t deserve. As weary and tiring as it has been, you have at times kept away the Joy, Love and Abundance that are your birthright. You have held up an invisible force field to prevent your own Freedom and Success. You have held up the illusion of being fractured, broken and alone when you are actually whole and empowered beyond compare.

Once you free yourself of the mindset that you are one tiny powerless, inconsequential human, you can forgo the drama, pain, isolation and dis-ease that that entails. You can tap into the dynamic expansion of your whole. You can consciously connect to your own vortex. You can tap into direct knowing, your ultimate truth. You can be the Love you know possibly exists. You can give it breath, space and girth in this world. You can hold a space for such a sacred beauty, in that special way that you share your gifts. Sharing your unique interpretation of love through self-will inspire the multitudes to hold space for love as well.

It is your power that lays dormant when you believe you are powerless. Give life to greatness with your belief in yourself and the sharing of your gifts. It is you that the world is waiting to change it. It is you!

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