Think About It

People don’t realize that I am empathic, a medical intuitive and proficient at remote viewing. So when they tell me about someone who is sick, not only do I feel it, I can experience it in my body and be in the hospital too. I don’t want to be in all these experiences yet people insist on bringing them to me and are offended when I don’t want to hear details of what is troubling them. Sometimes they give form to the lowest point in their life, by talking about it again. Many people do this to their pets as well.
And the thing is, if I can go to these places as a human, we all do this to different degrees. If I can give life to an old experience by hearing the parameters of it, so can anyone else who is privy to the coördinates you are giving them.

So that is what people are doing to each other when they inflict their troubles on them. Or worse, they inflict others’ troubles on them, through careless gossip and casual talk. When you talk about anything, you are giving the coördinates of its position in space and time and sending others to it. Then they are a spectator or even an active participant in your story.

If this is true, why not take others to wonderful places. Think up original ways to give the experience of Light and Love and Joy through your words. Why not deliver others to fantastic experiences by leading them with uplifting words and thoughts of a higher vibration? Why not deliberately lead others through your noble intentions.

Like this:

You are AMAZING! You can do anything that you put your heart and mind to. You are so important to the constructs of humanity. Every uplifting thought you engage in moves humanity a little further along on the evolutionary scale. Everything you dream becomes a reality. Every whim and wish that you hold is the red carpet to threshold a new uplifting reality into existence. I support every positive notion you have ever immersed yourself in. Thank you for being a creator of such an uplifting existence for the masses. I simply adore you for your kindness and benevolence. Please keep it up! The world needs you!

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