Things I Believe

Most everyone is innately good.

People that seem like they don’t care may have been hurt the most

Those with issues don’t see their own issues from their vantage point.

Fairies and Sprites and Angels thrive and assist people.

Santa Claus and his workshop really do exist on the astral plane ( I am not sure about the M&M guys though)

Experiencing Miracles is just a matter of getting out of the way of wonder.

Every aspect of Life is just as valid as the next.

Many of us are waking up to the innate language of Love.

Music is a conduit for a connection between all souls.

When we have compassion for another, we are remembering our own pain.

Every person has a group of Spirit Guides assisting them.

You can’t convince anyone of anything that their experiences haven’t already proven to them.

We come to this life with an agenda. For some of us, it is merely to rest from the last incarnation.

People who are obsessed with shoes may have had their feet bound in a past life.

Our physical pain is in direct relationship with emotional pain. It is almost like emotional pain gets so heavy that it bleeds through to the physical body.

Self empowerment through self-healing and awakening is the wave of the future.

Those who fear destruction are in 3rd dimensional space and those who opt for peace resonate with the 5th dimension.

Life is a wondrous, exciting adventure; even for those who think of it as a painful excursion.

There is always more to learn, love and Be!

Every time one person opens up to more Love, it uplifts all of Humanity.

We are all Love personified. And the more we recognize it, the more we come into agreement with it and manifest it for all.

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