The “Yes” Movement

Have you ever noticed that dogs don’t like to turn around? They just hunker down to coax the person at the end of the leash to keep going. It is as if all the energy and enthusiasm that they have for the walk gets deflated or stopped up by turning around. It s almost like that marks the end of the walk. Much of the goodwill gets lost in that moment.

A great remedy for this is to never turn around. Take them around the block or in a big circle somehow. This way their enthusiasm never gets squelched and both the dog and the walker stay in agreement and harmony.

To people, telling them no is like telling them to turn around. It squelches their enthusiasm. It can take all that energy that was heading in one direction and stop it on the dime. With no outlet, it can back up and become latent anger. If this happens enough to that person, they can become of pool of resentment.

To them, yes is a very healing word. It doesn’t have to be a yes that takes a huge commitment. Just understanding their point of view and agreeing with an aspect of it is a way to say yes. Seeing their good qualities is a way of saying yes. Even a simple hello is a yes for some people who never get acknowledged.

There are many kind ways to say yes to a person without compromising your own boundaries. Saying no may be a way to dissipate a hint of your own latent energy, but figuring out how to say yes to people may be much more rewarding for everyone in the long run. We all have heard too many nos. A great way to say yes to uplifting humanity is consciously saying yes to others as much as possible. This especially includes saying yes to yourself.

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