The Wisdom of the Trees

  • Do you feel a connection to trees?
  • Are you a closet tree hugger?
  • Do you love walking into the woods and feeling that Nature is speaking to you?
  • Do you want to know what it is saying?
  • Do you wonder why the world is so unbalanced and it feels like such a lonely place to be sometimes?
  • Learn how to reconnect with the innate ability to speak with nature and trees.
  • Tap into the wisdom and insights that trees have been giving all along.
  • Tap into their wise council.
  • Get a deeper understanding of how much trees help is in the world.
  • See them as the sentient beings that you always sensed they were.
  • Help the world shift back into a time where we revered and respected trees.
  • Get a better understanding of how defiling a tree is a unequivocal desecration of humanity.


Wisdom of the Trees excerpt

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