The Whisperings of a Balsam Fir

I was compelled to bring this little potted fir-tree home with me recently. Once is awhile a plant in a store that is dying of thirst, light deficient, or craving freedom will ask for me to rescue it. I do what I can. But this little tree was healthy and content.

It was part of a huge Christmas display at the local grocery store. It was in an entrance way that was swept up in the holiday spirit. I was also compelled to buy lights and special decorations for this little tree. I already had a big tree so it was funny, the strong pull to decorate this little tree.

When I got the lights home, I started to realize that this tree was excited to be decorated. It wanted to have the Christmas tree experience. I put some lights on it and a couple of decorations, but it wanted more on it It wanted the whole experience.

I had little bows that I could put on it but thought the cats would just pull them off and destroy its branches. The tree assured me they would not. He was right!. My little rascals did not touch one bow or bulb on this little tree. They are very interested but very respectful.

I witnessed something that very few people are able to experience. This little tree told the cats not to harm it and they complied. They have destroyed favorite plants and other pines in the past. But this tree is beyond reproach. It let them know that he was off-limits.

This little tree is so joyful to have the Christmas tree experience and then get to go back into the ground in spring. It told me that all trees communicate with other trees through the roots. It was going to share the experience with all the other trees outside. They are perplexed with our practice of destroying them and giving them attention when they are dead but ignoring them when they are alive.The Whisperings of a Balsam Fir

This little tree is so excited to be celebrated in Life. He says that many little trees would be happy to join in the celebration when they are young and that experience will stay with them all through their life. He tells me how much trees are happy to interact with people in their life. Every tree is a giving tree.

He is a bit overzealous. He wants his lights on all the time. But, as insisting as he is, it is a respectful request. There is no feeling of being pulled or a sense of manipulation. It is as if love itself is speaking with me; and I believe it is.

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