The Vacationing Dog

Ken Ring (Jen’s webmaster) here. Just wanted to leave a personal testimonial for Jen and the work that she does.
Last weekend my family and I were traveling on business. My wife decided to bring her dog, which she took in a year ago as a stray.
When we got to the hotel in St. Louis, the dog was incredibly nervous, would not settle down, and was actively trying to escape us and run wild through the hotel corridors.
I contacted Jen to see if she could help. She did a session with my wife and the dog that morning. IMMEDIATELY the little dog settled down and relaxed. I had to spend some time in the hotel room during the day while my wife went out, and the dog settled on the bed and dozed. A member of the hotel staff came into the room to check on something, and she lifted her head to see her, but didn’t bark or anything. The rest of the trip was a breeze.
Thank you so much Jen!

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