The Upgrade to Healing


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Attending Jen Ward’s first Healing Retreat this past May has me fervently looking forward to the next one in September.  It’s a kind of paradise to discover the oasis of truths she shares.

“Energy healing” is something we all experience with our warm regard of the beauties and pleasures of life. My strategies and focus on well-being in general is to align with healing spiritual principles or “laws”, monitor and redirect more than occasional negative or defeating thoughts, while also faithfully expecting and relying on favorable outcomes in all my dealings with life. And the recognition of God’s love comes with the wonders of children and flowers and color and kittens and vibrant storms… the same for many other people? These contentments work well for me, until they don’t.  Sometimes a build-up of deeply lodged emotional denials (past life) seem to seek due recognition from further necessity in guarding the fortress.

A few years ago I made a connection on FB with and now enjoy Jen’s many books and new website  These address all my inward asking for help from God or source.  She says it best with her prolific and informative essays covering energetic healing and personal empowerment, including effectively unique “tapping” protocols and the personal assistance she offers in releasing “stagnant” energy from past difficult experiences.

She uncovered an undefined and deeply distressing “something” within my being, a desperate nagging that I knew not how to respond to or fix, even with being a long-time devoted member of a comfortably loving spiritual community.  For me their logical stance on the reality of reincarnation was an important link to “more information, please” that conventional church doctrine denies and scientific proof only will say that “energy is neither created nor destroyed”.  I remember Jen’s post that first drew my attention, explaining a client’s particular past life connection to a present day block and self-sabotage. It made irrefutable perfect sense to me that these past life bugaboos “stagnate” but can be eliminated through good, specialized energy release training.  My inner guidance knew to pay attention.

I scheduled a private one-hour session, long distance via phone, in the comfort of  my home.  Without going into a long blah “story” or having to explain one iota of who, what, when, where, why, or how…she KNOWS.  She quickly tunes into your Sound frequency, and decipher what unique factors constrict the freedom and love of our true beingness.  With specific training honed over many lifetimes, including the hardships of this one, she can actually unravel and release our personal past-life mysteries. Jen’s love and pure intention is to explain the major causes and resistance to being free of the illusions we hold dear.  I knew after releasing snippets of a few juicy past life scenarios that without her help I never would have believed on my own that they could have occurred.  But when they resonate and ring crystal clear, no doubt, you know their truth, and you feel changed forever.

The challenge in describing this spaciousness is that until you experience it, it’s a second-hand account.  She tells it like it is, though, and the process is not all warm and fuzzy… but uncovered into the Light of Day is true Freedom, Joy, Wholeness and all good things.

So having profoundly benefitted from Jen’s healing energy work, I was ready, able, and thrilled to attend her first Healing Retreat in Rochester, New York.  It is  in the moment, real, and exhilarating to participate with other like-minded enthusiasts of Jen’s generous sharing of Truth for all.  So, WOW, sign me up for September’s next retreat.  History in the making here.


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shelley wilson
July 21, 2017 at 4:38 pm

wow !! Awesome writing Michele !!

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