The Universal Experience

The more I facilitate private sessions, the more I am shown that our deepest angst and the ones that we cling to and hide so desperately, are exactly what others are clinging to as well. The details may be different but the struggle with the experiences are universal.

There seems to be a formula to life. Love, angst, abandonment, denial, recovery, acceptance and transcendence are all conditions that individuals need to conquer in their life’s tutelage. We are all working on different lessons and from different vantage points so it creates the illusion of separation.

To overcome the condition of life; know that whatever you are experiencing, others are touching upon it in their own life in some degree and in some way. Knowing that the pain you share is experienced in some degree by everyone else may take the sting out of it. Once you can see the same issues in others, you may be able to see how they struggle with it, how they endure and how they love beyond it.

This incredible desire to love and belong and to be seen in a gracious light are the universal commonality of existing. Once we see this, we can get a sense of the incredible journey each has been on to love and be loved at all costs. This is where we connect. This is the point where we forego all differences and are united as one.

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