The True Social Divide

When I was really at a low point, I got a voucher to go to an “upscale” donation site to get furniture and clothes for myself. I felt very blessed. I was so grateful that people who didn’t even know me had come together to help me.

There was a woman who was at the site at the same time. She started to complain. “There is nothing here”, she said. “It has really been disappointing lately”. She went on to complain about every service she was receiving with a resounding disdain. Seeing the situation from her vantage point left me a little wilted.

It occurs to me that no one likes to be without. No one likes knowing others are in need. It is the spirit of a person to give when there is need. So why is there such a problem with helping others in need? This woman crystallized the issue for me.

The social divide isn’t about economics. The true social divide is between the grateful and the ungrateful. No one minds giving to someone who appreciates it. Gratitude is a form of payment when that is all a person can give. But when someone is not grateful, then anything they are given IS a form of stealing.

That is the problem with all the social safety nets that are put into place. Once they are implemented for all, they become expected and once they are expected, they are no longer appreciated and that lack of appreciation is what bankrupts a community. The lack of gratitude is the great form of depletion that is playing out in America.

There are rich people that are ungrateful as well, and they are part of the problem. No one is exempt from being plugged into the Universal Love Lattice that we are all a part of. All must contribute their energy in the form of talents, time, attention or intent. If one does not, they are dead weight to the rest. This is an inner form of exchange that some see so clearly that they try to mandate outwardly; which is the issue. Service looks and feels different to all. Some may be able to give with only a smile, but a sincere smile is priceless to one who is need of it.

The only way to mandate this is to hold all to a higher standard. The bar is so low in some circles that it needs to be raised just to crawl under. We need to return to a society that doesn’t celebrate disease but rallies around the genius, the innovator, the survivors and the heroes so that they can help everyone see those qualities in all.

We have got to stop using hate tactics and return to kindness and civility as a factoring system. We can start by seeing the nugget of good in everything instead of waiting for someone to make a mistake so that we can use it against them. We can give a hand up and lead by example. Ignore all the evidence of what is wrong in the word and focus on what is right. Use our attention to focus on the good, to help more good manifest.

It may seem like an overwhelming prospect. But it is doable. We have evidence of great individuals uplifting humanity. What if that is the bar we chose for all to measure up to? What if we looked for the genius in all and did so consistently so all could start to see the genius in themselves. This is how I chose to live. This is me creating the world that I envision. This is me ignoring all but the greatest in everyone. I invite you all to join me in my world.

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