The Trees Explain

Trees explain that how they communicate through their root system is like how we communicate on the internet. Since that is a fairly new concept for humans, it was difficult in the past for trees to have a reference point to explain it to them if they would listen. Trees tell me so many things.

They are natural healers. People don’t have to chop them up and boil them to get assistance in healing. All they have to do is ask. Trees are eager to assist, in so many ways. Nobody ever asks them. They would appreciate if you would talk to them because many people respect you. Just like the exchange of carbon dioxide for oxygen, they exchange sickness for wellness.

Also, the page Wisdom of the Trees was set up as an interface between Trees and Humans. It is a new era and it is only the beginning and they wish everyone to understand their eagerness to help and to be valued. Most of us have a natural Healer, Teacher, Spirit Guide, Miracle worker right in our back yard. When we kill trees, it is ignorance killing truth.

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