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I have some AMAZING young adults that are really dynamic and very spiritually acute. It saddens me when I see these profound dynamos trapped in the diminishing belief that drugs are harmless to the psyche. I have been told by them that this up and coming generation associates drugs with spiritually. Haven’t they heard of the sixties? That is hypocrisy. It is the lie that they tell themselves. It saddens me to watch the potential for genius descend into complacency.

When I try to explain to them the difference between drugs and spirituality, they listen politely but close down their receptivity. I understand the thinking that people who don’t do drugs don’t know what they’re talking about. But that place where they try to have drugs take them, is where I go totally in control any time I want. Equating drug use with spirituality is as silly as doing a healthy juice fast but using fruit punch instead of organic juice. The youth don’t respect their parents’ point of view because their parents come from a place of fear. I am explaining from experience. The place that drugs take us is not spiritual but a skewed illusion. It may seem so at first, like focusing the mind enhances the experience of drugs but the individual is being led around in a maze that leads to nowhere.

A client confided in me that she felt pot was okay but the other drugs were messed up. Many people believe this. Pot expands your energy field in a pretty even way. It leaves you feeling whole but with spaces between each atom. Though people feel the same, energetic influences are able to seep in. It is like unwittingly giving up your free will, because it feels natural.

Here is an analogy: Your energy field is your home. Doing pot is like opening your window and doors and trusting that no one will come in. Maybe some harmless energies come in to stay like house guests. Maybe they are coaxing you into opening your inner rooms. Since there is no seemingly long termed consequences, you agree. You open those inner chambers by using harsher drugs.

There are some intelligent energies out there that are just waiting to take up residence in unsuspecting people. They are like seasoned criminals. When we mix drugs with spirituality, there is no way to know what is real and what is illusion. We give up our home to them. All our memories and experiences are recorded in pictures called Akashic Records. Think of this as the library of your house. When we do drugs and open up to those influences, we are susceptible to having all our pictures taken. We can be energetically raped of all that we are. This is why people who do drugs look so empty. It is because they are.

I have had clients who have done mushrooms. This seems to have warped their energy field. The one’s with issues have seen a dark presence out of the corner of their eye. One was constantly internally berated about how evil she is. One client has just been very paranoid. With all of them, I have assisted by reforming the walls of their energy field. I perceived them as wax with ridges in them. I rebuilt their walls for them. Whatever I did, the influences dried up and they got relief.

For anyone who has done mushrooms and suffers with this issue, I would suggest that they try the visualization that I just mentioned. Visualize your energy field as a wax cocoon that has an opening in it. Slightly melt the sides with your intention until you are all firmly encased once again. Then solidify the wax with your intention. Then visualize a mushroom cloud sized burst of incredible Light and Love from within and burn out any residual foreign matter.

If you have done pot and have lost your focus, these taps to seal up your energy field may help. It is not a quick fix. It is using your spiritual abilities while you still have the ability to close the doors

Say each statement three times out loud while tapping on your head and say it a fourth time while tapping on your chest.

I repair and fortify my Wei Chi, in all lifetimes.
I disarm all foreign influences, in all lifetimes.
I blast out and dissolve all foreign energies with the intensity and purity of Divine Love, in all lifetimes.
I am centered and empowered in divine love, in all lifetimes.

There is a lot of empowerment in knowing that whatever comes our way, it can be handled with confidence. This is that invincibility that young people experience. When we maintain that confidence throughout our life, it manifests as attractiveness and success. This is my intention for the current young generation, and all the rest to come.

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