The Strength of Balance

Many people have a blind spot about themselves. Have you ever seen someone who thought they were advanced in a certain way but the evidence is to the contrary? Like the auditions on American Idol; everyone thinks they will be the next winner, but some can’t carry a tune.

We do this in the opposite way as well. We just don’t realize our own strengths because they are all too familiar to us. There is not a person I don’t know who doesn’t excel in some way that they are clueless to. I can be mesmerized by someone’s qualities and they will never realize that I am admiring them.

If you are struggling, try to look at yourself from the vantage point of a 3rd party. Try to see what that different set of eyes will show you about yourself. There is something amazing about you. Shift your attention from what you see as your problems or weaknesses, to what you excel at. I guarantee that it is not mundane to someone who doesn’t have that skill.

The simple act of maintaining a balance in one’s life is a dynamic act. Please celebrate your own strengths instead of cursing what you see as weaknesses!

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