The Spiritual Discipline of Watching Football

I had been watching the 49ers play. They were so in sync with each other and so fun to watch that I would tune into their games because they would always catch the ball and made great plays. Except the day they played the New Orléans Saints at home. Then it was like watching a different team. They were losing badly, dropping the ball and making stupid plays. I knew what was going on. They were feeling the effects of being psyched out or…under the influence of psychic attacks.

I intervened. Not really to help the 49ers win but to level the playing field. Drew Brees had already thrown a touchdown pass during that game and the Saints were winning when I did a “release” on the game to break up the psychic attacks that the 49ers were being pummeled with. I also put a protective bubble around them so that they could play to the best of their ability.

To my surprise, the game turned around. The 49ers started to make good plays and came from behind to win. An unfortunate side effect may have been that this was the last game of Drew Brees’ 53 game winning streak of throwing a touch down pass during a game. I felt bad if my assistance to remove the disadvantage that the Saints had in the game with the 49ers resulted in the end of Drew’s winning streak.

The point is, it is not okay to wish that the players of an opposing team are injured so that your team can win. One can say that it is just a game and it is not real, but look at all the devastating injuries in football. It easy to hide behind the belief that it is harmless, yet the point of cheering on a team is to add your energy to having your favorites win at all costs. What if your one thought was the energetic push that paralyzed a man for life? It could be the devastation of a good man who is doing what he loves and dedicated to his work.

If one wants to still participate in assisting their favorite team, may I suggest that they do it by lifting their own team up instead of trying to destroy the men on the other team. Visualize a force field of protection around your favorite team and your favorite players. Elevate the game of football to one of integrity instead of digressing to a barbaric mentality. This may be a subtle way to uplift and support the sport.

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