The SFT Lexicon

The SFT Lexicon book, Jen Ward
An issue with Western medicine is that the patient may be left feeling like a third wheel in their own treatment. If there were things that they could do to psyche out the mind and encourage the body to wellness, wouldn’t they want to do them? The SFT taps in this book are a means to convert all the angst and concern over a diagnosis into proactive energy to encourage the body to wellness. No one is a lost cause. Nothing is terminal. No diagnosis should be a death sentence or permission for anyone to sit on the sidelines and feel helpless. The exercises in this book can bring an incredible shift in the pro-activity of the patient. Imagine taping into the “IT” factor of the placebo effect, that part of the mind that convinces the body that it is well and makes it happen. In doing these taps, anyone can take a more active part in their own healthy empowerment. This is is a great reference book for anyone who assists the body to wellness, whether they call themselves a doctor, healer, practitioner or patient.

The SFT Lexicon Excerpt

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