The Second Session


I don’t remember all my clients. There is so much information flowing through that it seems impossible to keep track unless they come to me regularly. And even then I sometimes have trouble. It varies from client to client. I have this regular client with which it has become a Running amusement.

As many sessions as she has done with me, I always just blank her out and have to ask if it is her first session with me. But as soon as I remember what occurred in one session, I remember everything. It is like I keep invisible notes on the session. Most clients don’t mind and actually prefer this.

I was starting a session and had this client on the phone and I asked her if she ever had a session with me. She had. In this session, she said that wanted to focus on her dynamics with her husband and child. I tried to remember her so I asked what we had worked on before.

She told me the session was over three years ago. She had come to me because she wasn’t having any periods at all and it was a concern. But now she was coming to me and she had a child. I asked her what happened after her session.

She said her periods balanced out right after her session with me and she became pregnant soon after. I was thrilled for her but she was taking it all in stride. I remembered how drastic her situation when she had first called me was and how now, in hindsight, she didn’t even give it a thought. I was happy and frustrated.

“Didn’t you think I would have liked to know that you had such a blessed turn around?”

It had never even occurred to her. That is what happens when shifts happen. They are so natural and so complete that people don’t even remember what distress they were in. It is like forgetting childbirth. In turn, they don’t remember to give credit where it’s due.

It is not important for the facilitator but for all those out there who are feeling the indelible mark of western ways when natural healing is so complete and much more uneventful.

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