The Religion of Love

God is Love. Anything that is not loving is not mandated by God. In fact, God is freedom as well. Any thing that mandates less freedom is not God either. Religion is to God what a camera is to all of nature. Defining nature by one photo is as ridiculous as defining God through one religion.

If a religious practice is telling someone to condemn or ostracize others, then it is not from God but from the dictates of man. It is easy sometimes to make the distinction. For example; it is easy for many of us to see that God would not order others to kill on “his” behalf. But some do just that. Others judge, diminish, abandon and humiliate people in the name of God. To them, that distinction is in accordance with God’s will. Nope. God is Love, anything other than kindness has man’s hand in it.

Here is a rule of thumb. Hate is not God. Separation is not God. Superiority is not God. Government is not God. Fear is the opposite of Love. God is Love. When one is fearful of another, it is their gauge that they are coming out of their center. Love is their center. For some, they have been trained to be out of their center from babyhood so they may have to do some literal soul-searching to get back into a center.

Here are some more rules of thumb. Anyone who thinks they are absolutely right are bound to be proven wrong. When one has something to prove to someone else, they have more to prove to themselves. There are no absolutes in the realm of God. If someone is living in absolutes, they are already thinking like a man.

This is just my humble opinions. Don’t worry. My opinions aren’t written in stone to be defended to the hilt. Love is fluid and so a more accurate statement is; that this is my humble opinion in this present moment. Love, like an open mind, is predicated to change each moment. Because that is where God is; in the moment.

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