The Raging Bull

We accrued much of the trauma of our existence during times that we lacked a thinking mind to process it. This trauma is just stored as a confusing turmoil of angst, frustration and even blinding rage.

When we store trauma without being processed by the mind, then it is difficult for the mind to recall it cohesively. So to try to deal with it, we either process it through our emotions or physical pain. With awareness however, we can go back to the experiences we’ve had and look at them with a clear mind. We can understand them in hindsight as a way to release the dis-ease they cause. Here is an example:

My client was feeling incredible emotion at a very deep level that he was unable to articulate. In my mind I experienced the scenario where some of this emotion was created. I found myself in a raging bull’s body. He was bucking fervently, boxed in a small wooden fence with two men jabbing skewers in him. He didn’t know why. He was relatively young. Just a few months ago, he was a playful little calf dancing in a meadow. But then he grew big and he was treated differently and now he was being tortured and ready to be sent to his death for the amusement of others.

This type of experience, where our innocence is murdered happens again and again in our experiences. It is these kind of things that we have stored in our psyche. We were unable to help ourselves in the scenarios so we may feel helpless in the present. The way to fix ourselves is to look at what is uncomfortable in our past and give ourselves incredible love and compassion back then and in our present. It also is a good practice to nurture innocence every where and in every form. In return we will connect to that sacred place within ourselves and make it whole again.

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