The Proper Use of Cursing

I am always offended when people curse when they are talking to me. There is a proper use of cursing and I use it as a technique rarely in sessions. Cursing is creating an energetic blade and using it to cut through dense energy. I use it that way to cut through layers of resistance. But that is in cases when people have come to me for assistance and the words I use are usually their habitual curse of choice.

Someone curses initially to get someone’s attention. They are trying to tell someone who is only vaguely attentive, to “pay attention” and “get this point”. The cursing can cut through the indifference and create a “moment” for the one who uses it. They may feel empowered with having that moment and use it then as a crutch. That is why people swear a lot they are craving attention and it makes them feel empowered in a way that they may have been deprived otherwise.

There is no need to use swear words when talking to someone who is totally present. There is no energetic barrier to your words being received. To use a weapon on someone who is disarmed is reckless. That is what people do when they swear at me. They are trying to cut their words deeper into me than necessary. They are disrespecting me and showing ignorance.

When someone swears, it can be very helpful in disarming them. It is not in a gratuitous way. But it can create a huge learning curve to say to them, “you don’t need to curse to get my attentions, I am hearing you”. Some who are really angry may get angrier. They are using cursing to attack their way through life. They use curse words like a machete, mowing people out of their way. It would be very helpful in the moment to explain to them. that you validate them, they don’t need such a drastic means when interacting with you.

Many times we feel that just staying silent is kind. But when one delivers their truth in a loving, respectful way, it is an act of true kindness for all involved. The indirect result may be far more reaching than can possibly be fathomed.

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