The Professional Singer

I facilitated a group session which led me to single out a very talented singer. The only problem was that she conveyed such shame in singing. Even in talking about her talent, her demeanor furled up. We explored why.

A lifetime opened up in a very poor part of England. It seemed like a city from a Dickens classic. She and her friend in this life were as they are in the present; sparks of potential and optimism. They saw opportunity everywhere, and stayed honest. Although they were very poor, they would clean themselves up, and sing for he rich. They were valued for their talent but there was always a drastic class division that carried over for the girl in this lifetime as shame.

As I was sharing the scenario with her in the group, it resonated with her and she could connect with herself from the past. She could feel the shame. I instructed her to sing right then within the group.She resisted. I argued with her that if she is a professional singer, she should not mind singing. As she performed, I released all the shame that she was reliving over and over by expressing her talent. Her energy and voice opened up. The notes were round and perfect and pure. She was no longer conveying shame.

She is now a very promising professional singer.

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