The Problem With Visualizing World Peace

I finally figured it out! The reason so many people have a hard time imagining and manifesting the concept of World Peace is because they are conceptualizing it as a form of socialism. I was doing it too. When I thought of World Peace, I thought of everyone in a static state; just vegetating and not contributing. I was thinking of it as a vacation from life.

But then I caught a glimpse of what Word Peace would actually look like, it was very different from that. I saw an industrious world where everyone was engaged. Every child was taught with the method that worked best for them. Conformity was frowned upon. Thinking outside of the box was encouraged because that is where advancements come from. There is no “work” only in the sense that doing what you love isn’t work. There is little crime because people are validated and satisfied in their life. All life is valued and acknowledged and the balance of give and take and goodwill is restored.

I understand my vision of world peace may be a stretch for some. But it will be more attainable if we see it as a working mechanism in balance rather than in a static state.

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