The Practice of Responsible Thinking

Your thoughts are received by those around you. Have you ever been looking at someone in traffic and have them unexpectedly turn and look at you point blank?

If you have opinions about people and then wonder why they don’t like you, be assured that they’re  receiving the thoughts that you believed were private. We communicate constantly on a subliminal level. If you pay attention to people’s reactions to you, you will see that this is true.

I was dining in a quaint restaurant during a busy lunch hour one day. It was elbow to elbow. Two young women came in the front door. One was pretty conscientious about her appearance but she was overweight. She seemed very shy and I could instantly see how self conscious she was. She was trying to hide herself even though she seemed desperate to be noticed.

I suspended all judgment and made a choice to think only thoughts of how beautiful she was. I didn’t do anything differently except squelch all negative opinions and think only positive thoughts about her. She dressed well, had beautiful skin, hair and a pretty face.

Moments later, her demeanor changed. She seemed happy and outgoing and was a little boisterous. The change was so drastic that I realized my thoughts were actually being received by her. It was a great feeling realizing my affect on her. But then I realized all the times I had negative thoughts about people. Were they being instantly received as well?

There is a reason some people are touchy and reactive. They are being bombarded by the thoughts of others with no outer way to defend themselves. Imagine how frustrating it is knowing you’re being insulted, with no means to respond.

The best thing you can do for anyone is to think only kind thoughts about them. The old adage, “If you can’t say anything nice about anyone, don’t say anything at all” should be tweaked. If you can’t THINK anything nice about anyone, don’t think anything at all.

A good technique to try is to pay attention to your thoughts. Allow yourself to manifest only good, necessary, and kind things. If you find yourself thinking anything else then imagine a huge chalkboard eraser coming down and erasing it.  Or imagine unnecessary concepts dissolving in the atmosphere around you.. The population would have a lot less heartache and depression if everyone adopted and  practiced responsible thinking.