The Opposite of Purse Snatching

Why not get a second-hand purse or small overnight bag and fill it with essentials. It can have toiletries, gloves, snacks and even a can of meal replacement in it. Maybe even a five dollar bill tucked in the side. have it in the car handy, if someone asks for money, you can give them the whole bag.

This will be a demonstration of unconditional love for yourself. You don’t get to judge them. Just the first person who asks for help, you give it to them. The Universe will send them to you. You don’t get to try to figure out what went wrong with their life or wonder if they will buy booze with your five dollars. You give them the bag and you look them in the eye with admiration and respect for their journey.

It is not the bag that you are actually give them. It is encouragement to get around that last bend of a very long race. You will be giving them that drink of water when they are dehydrated. The water is unconditional love and acceptance.

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