The Offended Mule

A woman hired me to do a remote session with her three horses. They all had different personalities and had something different to convey during our interaction. I removed an issue in one of their legs. But the most “verbal” presence in the call was a fourth party. It was the woman’s pet mule.

The mule didn’t appreciate not being included in having everything the horses had.  It was hurt at being treated like a second class citizen.  The woman was a very compassionate, thoughtful person but it never even occurred to her to treat the mule the same.

So in the session, the mule had a list of demands that would help it feel as important as the others. It wanted the same amount of treats and to be in the same barn as the horses and it also wanted this one special item. It wanted a woven striped blanket to wear over his back to feel special. She wasn’t sure where he saw such a blanket but he described what he wanted.

After the session I was happy to hear that the horses leg was better and that the mule got all the demands that he asked for and more. He especially enjoyed wearing his new blanket.

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