The Missing Garbage Cans

A client of mine recently told me that right after her session with me, her garbage cans were stolen. In her session we touched upon how she doesn’t realize how dynamic she is. When she tells her problems to others, it doesn’t resonate as truth because she is a very old soul who is hanging on to an old habit.

The analogy I used to make the point was this: How effective would it be if you got to meet Oprah and she lamented the past and told you how she fell short in life? It wouldn’t resonate as truth and it would be a bit disingenuous. I explained to her that this is similar to what she is doing when she doesn’t embrace her gifts.

When we share our problems with others instead of sharing our gifts with them, we honor no one. When we tell others our problems, we are treating them like garbage cans. When this client told me her garbage cans got stolen, I was amused. It was like the Universe was telling her, that she will no longer be using others as garbage cans. It is one thing for me to tell someone something, but when they have an experience in their own life, it brings the point home.

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