The Lost Lamb

I facilitated a session with a woman who was at the end of a committed relationship with a great guy. They loved each other but could not reach a level of passion that they would like. It was perplexing because he was so drawn to her; the connection was instantaneous.

In a session, a scene opened up to a past life in a sheep herding arena. Sheep were being sheered and separated. It was very chaotic. There was a little lamb that was usually glued to his mama’s side. But mama got pulled away from him and his cries were lost in the chaos. He felt empty and alone. That feeling may have stayed with him all of his lives; until they were reunited in this life.

My client was the mother sheep in that scenario. The baby lamb was her devoted boyfriend in the present. Now she realized why he was so drawn to her. We released the dynamics pulling on her that was creating such conflict within her. She was now free to accept the beautiful connection with out having to define it as a win-lose scenario that relationships fall into. They were free of the conflict but the love remained.

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