The Law of Silence

There is a principle that creative people adhere to that helps in the manifestation of their dreams.  It would help others in all aspects of their life if they applied it. It’s the Law of Silence.

The law of Silence simply is a way to live where one doesn’t share personal experiences with others. Over-talking is a way to dissipate energy that would be better spent on building one’s experiences. It is also a means to give people access to your life who can then give opinions and criticism.  It’s like opening a door.

If someone shared the details of a book they were writing it may make it more difficult to complete. They may be all excited by the process but share details with the wrong person. The person may not be encouraging or even worse, give advice to veer the writer from his original outline.  It creates doubt and insecurities in the original project that may prevent it from ever being created.

Sharing information sabotages many expectant couples.  They have a perfectly good name picked out for their baby but when they share it everyone seems to have an opinion. Everyone tells them why the name is a bad choice.  The parents may have had the correct vibrational name to fit their child but because they shared it too early, they were talked out of using it. The child spends a lifetime with the wrong vibrational name because of it.

Did you ever notice that people who talk about their problems always seem to have an endless supply of them?  Talking about your life like it was up for discussion is just throwing away your power.  It is giving an invitation for more troubles. Also, whatever you tell others about yourself is what they’ll label and identify with you.  It’s a lot harder to fight an illness if you pile everyone’s sympathy on and are labeled the person who has that illness.

Did you ever talk about someone’s problems, even in a sympathetic way, and then end up in the same situation?  Talking is a form of drawing an experience to you.  Anything you put your attention on is what you will manifest. It isn’t possible to control what those around you talk about, but you will be greatly empowered by not engaging in a referendum on the plights of others.

You can benefit immensely from keeping quiet about your spiritual experiences.  Did you ever have a great dream and just have to tell others about it? The dream may have been a wonderful soul journey or have many symbols to unlocking key spiritual lessons.  It was a gift meant for you.  Its meaning is lost on others who don’t share your unique perspective. Asking others what your dream means is like asking them what it’s like to be you.

Sharing a dream or other spiritual experience is a wasted opportunity. You will find your life circumstances greatly improve if you just keep more of your personal life personal. If you do feel the need to share, write in a journal. You may even wish to document how greatly your life has improved by using the notepad as a sounding board instead of the world.