The Importance of The American Flag

American Flag


Everything exists because of its energy. It is the lifeblood of any organism. When the energy of the body is used up and it is not able to keep up its regular functions, it dies. The same concept applies to the life of groups and establishments. If there is not enough energy to run a group, it will dismantle.

The forefathers understood this concept. They understood the need to perpetuate and maintain the establishment of the United States of America as a living organism. They did this by infusing it with so much energy in the form of passion, pride, sacrifice, and integrity. And just like banks store money, a strong symbol is the storage tank for all the energy that a group needs. The forefathers understood this. That’s why they painstakingly created a flag that was worthy to represent all we stand for as a nation.

It is the same flag that generation after generation of Americans have lived and died under. The flag is the holding tank for all energetic residual of our collective struggles and victories. It holds the conviction of every American soldier in battle fighting through each onslaught. Every soldier’s sacred moments of triumph, and billions more, are contained in the symbol of the American flag.

Practitioners of energy work know of a sure fire means to energetically neutralize something. It is by either physically or symbolically burning it. It’s the best way to cleanse anything of the unwanted energies. That is what is being done when someone burns the American flag. They are neutralizing it of all the passion, sacrifice and dedication that has been accumulating in the archives of our American pride.

That’s why it is so offensive when someone burns the flag. They are taking it upon themselves to burn off the sacrifice of many generations. They are like spoiled children who want to destroy something sacred just to get a moment of attention.

They need to know that the passion they feel for the cause of the month is like an anthill next to the mountain of discipline and dedication of the generations of soldiers who fought and died for the cause of freedom. Energetically they are trying to empty all the reserve lifeblood that was poured into the symbol of the American Flag through their overt act. It is their misguided attempt to feel powerful.

There are two reasons that someone would want to burn the American flag. The first reason is because they’re ignorant of the ramifications of what they’re doing. In that case they need to be protected from their actions. The second reason is because they know exactly what they’re doing. In that case they should be treated as a traitor and we, the collective group of Americans, should be protected from their overt act. Whenever I have seen a flag being burned, I see it as an act of treason.

Every American can assist to refill the reserve tanks of American pride by displaying the American flag in reverence. Honor the troops and their service. Support them in every way. Send Love to America in your daily prayers and contemplations. Make it a priority. People like to complain about the government but that just dissipates its effectiveness. We are all like spoiled teenagers who don’t fully comprehend the magnitude of our privilege.

Respect our President. Respect him for being a direct descendant of the process of freedom that started with George Washington. Many who claim to be patriots and tear down the president are actually burning the flag of freedom. You can’t know the subtle and overt influences that are being balanced through his position. They are things that would crumble a lesser man. If you don’t respect him, respect the process that the forefathers laid out in their wisdom.

Also, by perceiving other Americans as the enemy, we are using a strategic war practice of divide and conquer on ourselves. We are hurting ourselves. Divide and conquer is a political tactic that each American should reject. It takes integrity to see the similarities in others rather than seeing the differences.

Respecting our differences is the glue that the forefathers saw as holding us together as a strong nation. We are the United States of America, not the divided states of America. We can all show our patriotism by respecting the rights of all the individuals who make up our great nation.