The Importance of Emotions

I work as an emotional release healer. That means I assist people in cleaning out blockages in their energy system. It would be similar to a plumber cleaning out your pipes. What causes blockages is stagnant energy that is not moving fluidly through the system. What causes stagnant energy is emotion that has not been processes properly. Just like decayed food, it ferments. This stagnant pooling in one’s energy system causes dis-ease.

Blockages may start in the joints and build up due to the continued presence of unprocessed thought and emotion depositing in a particular area like lime in a cavern. For example carpal tunnel is caused many times by the repetitious thought of not wanting to do an office job. Say that thought enough times to yourself and your body will help you manifest your wish by giving you so much physical pain that you can’t do the job any more.

A point to know is that your brain manifests every thought you give it. It is exacting. It does not register humor so if you make jokes at your own expense, your brain will help you be the joke that you tell it you are. Other things that we tell ourselves might include:

  • This job is killing me.
  • I am busting my back for this company.
  • I must be crazy to Love you.
  • I’m an idiot.

I cringe every time I see someone act out putting a gun to their head and pulling the trigger. That is a most defeatist action!

Other things that cause stagnant energy are trauma, not expressing your emotions in some form and going against your body signals (gut feeling) in your daily life. One issue that comes up that creates blocked energy is the lack of processing emotions experienced during childhood.

When I tune into someone’s childhood memory banks the emotions are not labeled well and the child does not have enough life experience to process them. Unhappiness and abandonment, anger and frustration are mixed in with joy, happiness and exhilaration. If the child does not have a means to process and label their emotions, they get lumped together in one confusing mess. That is exactly why so many adults choose dysfunctional relationships. In their energy system, Love and chaos are maybe in the same category. If they don’t know how to attract love to themselves, at least they can attract chaos and in their unique storage system, love then follows.

If you are a parent, you can serve your child’s life very well by making a distinction between different experiences. They are confused for example when they have a parent or even a sibling that is unkind to them and they are told that they are to love this person anyway. Don’t force your child to do what is uncomfortable. Don’t force them to kiss someone at the holidays that they don’t feel comfortable kissing. You are teaching them to override their own internal signals for someone of authority over them.

Keep their life as simple as possible. Ask them starting at a very early age, what they are feeling. Label their emotions with them; when they are crying tell them they are sad, when they are happy tell them they are happy, when they are throwing a fit, tell them they are angry. This identification and validation of the experience may be just enough to end the frustration. Most importantly, don’t react to their emotions. Be detached when they are sad, angry and even happy. Let them realize that all emotions are normal so they don’t have to feel crazy (confused). The more you do this for your child, the more you will assist them in processing their emotions so they don’t end up storing them and building them up to physical pain.