The Group Mentality

The reason we join a group and the reason we stay in a group may be very different, and even at cross purposes with each other. When we join a new group we may be exhilarated that there are more people who think like we do. It is exciting because we can advance our own views but also maintain the security of doing so in a group. The group mentality is a safety net. We could be wrong, but could so many other people be wrong as well?

When we have been in a group a long time, it is natural to outgrow it. That is the cycle of life. There is always another step to self-unfolding. The reason one is afraid to outgrow the group is because of the fear of leaving the herd mentality; “the flock”. It is the fear of being wrong and the fear of being alone.

Any group with any integrity will accept your need to be an individual. Isn’t that the next step of advancement; thinking for yourself and trusting what you have been taught and guided to do? Staying in a group out of fear is still a form of fear. Fear is the opposite of love. When the love for truth is so strong that the fear of being wrong is evaporated in the light, then one will know their answer. Fear of damnation will no longer be relevant.

The truth is that we are never alone. When we tune into life to such a degree, we realize that we are a fraction of nature. We are an atom of God. Right and wrong have been learned and the spiritual laws have been adopted. We are free to experience the expansion of our own consciousness with the invisible Masters to lead us along.

In the “end”, the smallest connection between ourselves and anyone; is Love. Everything else will be unhooked from our essence and recycled into the love; until we realize that we are Love itself.

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