The Frozen Tree Technique

Sometimes we are so frozen in our responses and our state of being that we are like a tree that has been coated with ice during a cold rain storm. Ice is just rain that has frozen due to lack of warmth (love, acceptance). Instead of rolling off, it creates invisible layers that enshroud the tree. It is heavy and brittle and if the temperature doesn’t change, the branches start to snap off; and if it continues, the whole trunk collapses as well.

Visualize yourself as a tree that is covered in ice. Imagine the beautiful brilliant sun coming out and warming the climate. The cold ice pellets now become laced beauty that shroud you for an instant before it all melts into beautiful diamonds of crystal. Acknowledge you own beauty, even in this heavy state of endurance.

Now, feel the weight on you lighten as the water rolls off your trunk. Feel your branches return to a limber state. Feel how your branches reach up to the sky and how the warmth of the sun warms the sap inside you. Feel the sap run through your inner channels. Feel your roots secure you deep within the earth. Feel grounded,strong and supported by the vastness of the earth’s depth.

Feel how strong and solid you really are. Everything that transpires is transitory compared to your vast existence planted deep in the earth and warmed by the brilliance of the sun. All life sings in your branches or dances at your base. Chaos may blow around you but you stay nimble and grounded in the earth. You welcome experiences. See them as plentiful and natural as growing the leaves on every extension of your being.

Your experiences, like the leaves, serve a purpose for a season, but when you have learned the lesson, they all blow away. You do not hang on to them and cry because you lost a leaf. You rejoice because their departure signifies another cycle of growth, another ring of expansion defined in your core.

You are a wise tree. With deep roots like the oak and flexible branches like the willow. You are aromatic like the Spruce, and form a majestic silhouette on the horizon. Feel your strength.. Feel your wisdom. Feel your endurance. Rejoice at the cycles of life. Feel the warmth of the sun sustain you and know all the experiences that you endure, keep you interested in continuing to grow and expand and to be the majestic being that you are.

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