The Fear Factor


So many people are afraid to speak truth because:

They have the fear of being judged
Their loved ones are not open to truth
No one will understand
They want to be respectful
They want to blend

What I see in private sessions, by seeing past eras in their energy is the horrific things that have happened to people for speaking their truth or standing out as different.

They were tortured
Ostracized by everyone they love
Left to die alone
Believed they were going to hell
Mocked, killed and scorned
Abandoned without mercy
Told they were evil or possessed

These are the memories that truly prevent people from speaking about truth. They are so programmed and beaten down by past experiences that they want to blend and be safe at all costs. That is why someone who has a life choice that is not mainstream, suffers their whole life in silence. That is how terrifying being different is.

The only remedy for that is for everyone to be different so that nonconformity becomes the norm. That is what we are seeing happen with sexual preference right now. So many people are diverting from conformity that it is changing the law of the land. This also needs to happen on other fronts; like spirituality.

When enough people come forward and speak the truth of inclusiveness and the right to worship, and partake in the intangible realms as they wish, those of us who perceive clearly in energy, will not be so silenced, ridiculed and ignored. It will open the doors of the more subtle realms so that all have access. And in doing so, open themselves up to self-regulating accountability. Because there are very clear codes of conduct that are exacted by Universal laws and reinforced by life itself.

In this present climate of everyone being scrutinized, the cure is to simply overload the wires. We do this with creativity, honesty, truth, the self-assertion of one’s indelible truth. Also with fearless compassion and integrity in addressing what we are compassionate about. That is the reality that I am proud to partake in. Who is ready to empower themselves and all of humanity with me?

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May 2, 2017 at 8:07 am

Thank you so much

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