The Dynamics

I open my heart to ease the pain of someone who is struggling. They feel better and are energetically uplifted. Then they see an opening and start talking about the negative that we just released. They pull it back and shove it into me. They aren’t trying to bring me down but that would be the result if I allowed it.

I know enough to pull away, release what they just shoved into me and close up my energy field as protection. Most times after that I will have to be on guard with them because they will try again and again to dump their issues again. This dynamic plays out again and again.

I think it is funny that someone wouldn’t allow a neighbor to bring all their garbage to their house and just unload it on their lawn. But they will allow anybody to unload their emotional issues into their energy field and think it is okay.

This dynamic happens a billion times over every day. People have to be educated in their energetic responsibility towards others. We have to teach others how to treat us yet still have compassion for them when they struggle with this lesson. We can especially save others dis-ease by not shoving our issues onto them.

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