The Down Side to Enthusiasm

A pure intention comes from a deep place. When one dips their cup into a sacred place, they have the desire to share that love with others. Many times, they are inspired to share that pure place with another. They will be given an idea for the perfect gift or the perfect kindness that will pierce through layers of minutia to create a pathway for the pure love to reach it’s intended target. It will be something, that will open up the channels for divine love to reach the intended so that they can experience the love that the giver receives in the purest state possible.

There is a “force” behind this gift. For such a gift to be given, there is an energy of movement which is called enthusiasm. The more the gift comes from a pure state, the more enthusiasm may be needed to drive it to its target. Unbridled enthusiasm may be annoying but from the vantage point of a focused giver, when someone interferes, with the gift reaching it’s target, the effect for the focused giver is like hitting a brick wall. It can be devastating. There are those of us who hit a brick wall often. So for us, the luxury of giving that gift is a discipline we have to forgo because hitting the wall is painful.

All that energy that has been gathered up and directed to a certain party is met with the indifference of a no thank you. That is their right. Or even if a third-party interferes; the force of that love driven intention is stopped short in its own tracks. That energy back washes on the giver. To the on looker, the giver may look oversensitive or petty. But that is the energy of their enthusiasm back washing on them. It may manifest as a looking wounded or angry. That is the dynamic that plays out when a gift is refused.

We all know these people who seem to give and give. They may be driven to do so. To refuse them is painful for them. It is not that you owe it to them to receive their gift but if you realize that by refusing them, you are causing them pain. It is okay, they have felt this pain before. But when you write them off as an inconvenience, over sensitive or annoying, know what is transpiring from their perspective. They have opened their heart and trusted once again, because they are compelled to. Instead of feeling inconvenienced, one could feel gratitude for being targeted for such gifts.

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